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  Brenda Brueske, D. C.




43475 South Kavanaugh Rd

Downtown Cable

Services offered

  • Spine & Extremity Manipulation
  • Muscle work with every adjustment
  • Ultrasound & Cold Laser Therapy
  • Massages available by Dr. Brenda
  • Nutrition Dynamics & Metagenic Nutritional Products


Basic Nutritional Supplementation

I always get the question "What nutritional supplements should I be taking?"

My answer is:

  • Multivitamin(Phytomulti $14 per month)
  • Omega 3's (EPA & DHA $15.50 per month)
  • Vitamin D3(5000 IU $4 per month)
  • Calcium/Magnesium(1:1 ration $20 per month)
  • Antioxidants(Dynamic Greens $32 per month)

(click here to learn more about dosage, benefits, and cost)

You may order direct at the same price as in the office at Register and use account number 281798.


Why Chiropractic Care?
Chiropractic care is a safe and fast way to treat muscle, joint, and nerve pain.
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Discount Packages
Stay feeling good and prevent re-occuring pain with regular care at a discounted rate.
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What is Cold Laser?
In 2002 the FDA approved erchonia cold laser therapy to treat pain, inflammation, and restricted motion.

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HcG Diet Program

Take pounds off quickly, safely, and especially around the middle!

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CARE is an organization in Cable that supports people in need with food, clothing, and financial support.  I am on the board race director of our biggest fundraiser which is the 5K/10K Walk/Run

on July 4th.